Moto Road Rush 3D

Moto Road Rush 3D

Moto Road Rush 3D

Moto Road Rush 3D is a racing game in which players pretend to be a sports motorcycle driver who races at high speeds on the highway. You can ride in three different locations: forest, desert, and snow, all of which have large tracks and a good asphalt surface. You'll have access to 23 motorcycles and four game modes: career, traffic time, limitless, time trial, and free ride. You can select any of the modes and begin playing. The key objective is to drive as far as possible while remaining calm. To get acquainted with the game, avoid going too fast; instead, move at an average speed and learn to pass and dodge traffic. The more miles you travel, the more money you can earn to buy new bikes. Are you prepared for unrestricted speed and exhilaration on a wide road? 

How To Play

  • WASD - control
  • W - ride a wheelie
  • R - horn + light
  • ESC - pause / menu

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