Snowball Kickup

Snowball Kickup

Snowball Kickup

Snowball Kickup is an addicting sports game in which you must keep your ball from touching the ground for as long as possible. Make an impressive record!

Have you ever tried your hand at snowballs? Players who reside in colder climates will recognize this game. Snowballs are now simulated in the game Snowball Kickup.

Are you certain that you can keep the snowball rolling? In this game, your goal is to keep your ball in the air. If you don't want the game to finish, don't let the ball contact the ground. Remember that as the snowball shrinks, it must be replaced by a new one in order to continue. Demonstrate your mastery of the snowball!

The mechanics are straightforward and simple to operate. To control your ball, simply click with your mouse. Let's get started and see how brave you are! If you find this game too easy, try Football Superstars 2022 to see how far you can get.

How To Play

  • Use your mouse to click.