Semi Truck Snow Simulator

Semi Truck Snow Simulator

Semi Truck Snow Simulator

Semi Truck Snow Simulator is a game where you operate large automobiles on perilous highways.

Drive a semi-truck up a snowy mountain, just for fun. Drive the truck to get where you're going safely and to make as much money as you can. Driving a semi-truck is even more challenging in the snow, so if you want to be a truck driver someday, the best thing you could be doing right now is playing this 3D simulator game and getting some practice behind the wheel! Here, there is no danger and no stress, even though the task is not simple.

Since there is no timer, drive more cautiously than you typically would. By prioritizing safety, you will be able to play and win this game simultaneously.

How To Play

  • Use the WASD or the ARROW keys to drive, and press C to change cameras if you want another view.