Idle Higher Ball

Idle Higher Ball

Idle Higher Ball

Idle Higher Ball is an enjoyable pinball game. Pass through the hoops one, get additional upgrades for your ball, and shoot for the finish line!

Idle Higher Ball is a lighthearted and enjoyable pinball game. You must slide the rope in order to bounce the ball; keep in mind that the glass above must not break; the higher the height of the bounce, the higher the score.

Idle Higher Ball challenges you to shoot a basketball toward the sky! Pull and release the mechanism with the rope and basket, and watch the ball fly! Pass through the hoops one at a time to increase your bouncing strength, get additional upgrades for your ball, and shoot for the finish line!

With its hoops and basketballs, this task may appear familiar, but after you get started, you'll learn it's not! The main goal of this game is to get to the finish line at all costs. Bouncing through hoops gives you a boost, but that's it. To prepare for your final jump, you must time it, make it as high as possible, and begin tapping. You may track how far your ball travels and purchase new enhancements accordingly. These enhancements improve the speed and bounce of the ball, increasing your chances of crossing the finish line. While maintaining your talents is important, you must also concentrate on your timing and keep tapping for the last jump. See how far you can throw the ball as it rises into the sky! Best wishes!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.