Soccer Heroes

Soccer Heroes

Soccer Heroes

Soccer Heroes replicates classic football passion in a new and distinctive way. It's centered on cut scenes in which you witness players cross the field and choose whether to pass, dribble, or shoot on goal. Your movements influence the outcome of the game and the number of goals you score. In the most comprehensive football RPG game ever, you can play as a striker, captain, midfielder, or defender!

Train hard to increase your abilities and skills! Recruit new football heroes and use your dream team's distinctive abilities to score goals. Develop and enhance your skills in order to win and reach the pinnacle of international football! Who will be the best defender, striker, and goalkeeper?

Dribble, pass, fire, and aim! Experience real football by forming your own ideal squad and naming fresh captains. In this manga soccer game, you can choose your soccer card, level up and evolve your soccer heroes, and score great goals!

Play with soccer stars and become a hero! The greatest football game ever!

How To Play

  • Touch and drag your player to move. 
  • Use your player to attack and defend the goal.