Crazy Football War

Crazy Football War

Crazy Football War

Crazy Football War is the best sporting event scheduled for 2022. The race between autos and football is just getting started! Do you want to play Crazy Football War with me? Play this game and select the squad that best reflects you!

Participating in tense soccer matches is central to this game, as it is in Football Legends 2021 and Football Killer, two other games with a similar theme. Are you prepared for a football match between vehicles that promises to be thrilling? Put on your seatbelt and prepare to compete in arenas all around the world against a wide range of opponents in a competition where winning is everything. Begin playing Insane Football War right away for your chance to win this crazy competition.


  • In this unique take on the classic game, balls and racecars collide.
  • The combination of these two elements will provide players with an exciting and one-of-a-kind experience.
  • Amusing and entertaining sports-themed game
  • The game can be played in one's spare time or in the company of close friends.

How To Play

  • Computer : Arrow keys or WASD. 
  • Mobile : Touch on screen.