Solitaire Classic

Solitaire Classic

Solitaire Classic

Solitaire Classic is a humorous card game that combines the fun, classic, and challenging solitaire gameplay you know and love with a beautiful and modern design. Play Solitaire Classic in your own personal space, complete with customizable backgrounds and stunning card decks.

This top-rated solitaire app allows you to play the most basic version of the card game Solitaire, which is enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. Solitaire Classic has been thoughtfully designed to provide you with comfort and enjoyment while playing. You can play solitaire stress-free with clean, uncluttered cards and game boards, intuitive controls, crisp animations, and relaxing audio. Other enjoyable Solitaire games to try include Mahjong Connect.

Solitaire Classic offers card game enthusiasts an unrivaled solitaire game experience. Select from dozens of card styles and backgrounds, or upload your own custom photo, to create the ideal environment for you to escape, relax, and sharpen your mind.

How To Play

  • Tap or drag cards to move cards to the right place quickly when playing solitaire.
  • Double click the background to collect cards automatically.