Money Movers 1

Money Movers 1

Money Movers 1

Money Movers 1 is a classic prison escape game. In the "Money Movers 1" game, you will assist your brothers in escaping from prison. The challenge is that you need to move the two thieves so that they can move freely. The police's muscular paws will not let go lightly, making the task challenging. You will control both robbers at the same time, but if you call a friend, the game will be two-player. Our clever thieves will navigate their way through twenty prison facilities, collecting money from each. Beware of guards, laser beams, and prisoners. A little logic, skill, and intelligence will get you through the game without any issues. Good luck!

How To Play

  • First Player Controls: Arrow keys - move/interact
  • Second Player Controls: ASWD - move/interact

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