Air Force Fight

Air Force Fight

Air Force Fight

Air Force Fight is a game of action. Take a seat in the cockpit and show your opponents that the skies are your playground. Prepare to engage in a furious aerial fight in Air Force Fight!

Can you overcome all of the hurdles thrown at you in the many game modes? Each of these game types has a unique goal, so get started right now! The campaign mode is the initial mode. In this mode, your goal is to accomplish all 12 stages by collecting badges distributed throughout. Be wary of hostile turrets and planes, which will attempt to shoot you down. In the combat vs. CPU mode, you can compete against the computer alone or with a companion. In this game, you can play in one of two modes: survival or deathmatch. To win in survival mode, you must be the last man standing with three lives. To win in deathmatch mode, you must destroy seven planes. Finally, there's the player vs. player mode. To win the game in this mode, you must defeat your companion. Keep a lookout for different icons as you fly around. These will provide you with several weapons to choose from. Do you want to fight against the classic air fighters in various game modes?

How To Play

  • Player 1: You can use the WASD keys to move around, the G key to fire. 
  • Player 2: You can use the arrow keys to move around and the L key to fire.