Huggie & Kissy The Magic Temple

Huggie & Kissy The Magic Temple

Huggie & Kissy The Magic Temple

Huggie & Kissy The Magic Temple is a first-person action adventure video game where you play as the character you create. If Huggy and Kissy want to discover the secret chambers of the most incredible magic temples, they will need your assistance. 

In order to successfully complete a total of 19 exciting levels, each of which is entirely different, you must solve a large number of puzzles, collect keys and diamonds, climb nearly impassable platforms, and open a large number of doors. You can embark on this exhilarating voyage alone or with a trusted friend. In any case, you'll be surrounded by the most cutting-edge mechanics ever made and beautiful visuals.

How To Play

  • PC controls: X to change player, WASD to move and jump.
  • Mobile and Tablet controls: Tap the buttons to switch players, move and jump.