Table Tug Online

Table Tug Online

Table Tug Online

Table Tug Online allows you to put your strength and stamina to the test. It's an excellent tug-of-war title for one or two players. In this game, you must control your character, grab the table tightly, and try to pull your opponent over the finish line. The mechanics are hard, and you must time your pulls perfectly to bring the table towards you. You must be the first to tug the table five times in each combat.

There are numerous table styles to pick from to make the game more exciting. Colors include crimson, silver, wood, and metal. There are also various different locales to choose from, such as a spaceship, a winter wonderland, and a cityscape. When you win battles, you gain access to these things.

When you've mastered the single-player battles, try the two-player mode. You can utilize dual controls to combat your buddies in two-player battles. See who can be proclaimed the tug-of-war champion today.

How To Play

  • Spacebar = online mode.
  • Arrow up/W = 2 player mode.