Stick Duel: The War

Stick Duel: The War

Stick Duel: The War

Stick Duel: The War is the next episode in the series titled "The War." In the new game, all of the mechanics, weapons, and stages have been completely redesigned to be unique. The objective of the game is to complete all five rounds in order to emerge victorious. This can be done solo, against the computer, or with a friend. Participate in the game by analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of various weaponry and the layout of each of the twenty different maps. Keep your distance from the fire pools and the traps!

If you are a lover of adventurous archery games with fast recoils that keep your opponent from turning, this game is for you. We have also updated some interesting shooting games. Check it out!

How To Play

  • Player 1: Move: "ARROW KEYS". Double Jump: "UP+UP". Hit: "L".
  • Player 2 Move: "W,A,S,D". Double Jump: "W+W". Hit: "F".