Cluster Rush

Cluster Rush

Cluster Rush

Cluster Rush is an exhilarating platformer and skill game in which you must slide, leap, and cling to trucks in order to stay upright. In the platformer/skill game Cluster Rush, you must jump from truck to truck, slide, and hold on to avoid falling. The initial stages of the game will function as an introduction to help players grasp the sensations involved, but soon enough, the challenge will become difficult, and players will need to respond swiftly and with coordination. The 35 levels will put your focus to the test, and completing them all will be a challenging undertaking. Ahead of you is some intense action. Your goal is to demonstrate your talents by jumping from truck to truck while maintaining your balance and not falling off. To make sure you don't run into any barriers, pay great attention to where you land and carefully consider your next move. Can you complete each level and get every gold star?

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How To Play

  • Press space/J - Jump.
  • Hold space/J - Climb.
  • Left A - Move left. 
  • Right D - Move right.