GunSpin is a physics game in which your goal is to shoot a gun as long as you can in order to make it fly. To make your gun shoot farther, upgrade with additional ammunition and power.

Use all of your bullets to shoot the gun as far as you can with a left-hand shot. Every meter the gun goes will provide you with one coin, which you can spend to purchase additional ammunition, stronger weapons, and ammo boxes. You will be able to acquire a new gun every round by hitting a predetermined distance marker. Select your preferred weapon and use it to get the most points possible—each gun has distinct sounds and stats!

In order to advance further in GunSpin, you can add bonuses to your gun. This gives the game an additional creative and entertaining layer. It's an exciting and captivating experience that lets you challenge your abilities and reach new heights.

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How To Play

Press the left mouse button to shoot.