18 Wheeler Driving Sim

18 Wheeler Driving Sim

18 Wheeler Driving Sim

18 Wheeler Driving Sim is an entertaining game in which perilous highways await crazy cargo drivers! These drivers will be in command of the most powerful vehicles ever built. A powerful 18-wheeler vehicle can transport a hefty load from one spot on the map to another. They require your assistance throughout this highly risky adventure. You can go out on this expedition using a variety of freight vehicles. You will earn money for each cargo delivery and will be able to purchase new cargo trucks from the store. Be cautious on the road and ensure that the package arrives at its destination safely.

The scenery will be full of obstacles and hurdles that will impede your journey, so be patient and enjoy bringing the cargo to its final destination like never before. Don't give up; put your skills to the test, and have fun!

How To Play

  • Move: "ARROW KEYS".
  • Handbrake: "SPACE".
  • Move the camera around the car: "MOUSE".