Crazy Driver: Vertigo City

Crazy Driver: Vertigo City

Crazy Driver: Vertigo City

Crazy Driver: Vertigo City is a really captivating racing game where you compete in intense races on a variety of difficult courses! Ten thrilling levels lie ahead of you, where your goal is to control a formidable sports automobile and cross the finish line first. You can purchase new automobiles or spend the money you earn from winning races to tune your current vehicle. You will be able to select between seven high-end supercars in the garage, each of which is unique in terms of its features as well as its fashionable appearance. You can do unrestricted exploration of an enormous map while simultaneously leaping from many springboards and pulling off amazing airborne tricks. Find out who is the best racer by playing in two-player mode with a friend or by playing by yourself. To get through every obstacle and win the champion's cup, demonstrate your driving prowess!

How to play

Player 1:

  • WASD - management.
  • Shift - nitro.
  • R - restart.
  • T - look back.

Player 2:

  • Arrow keys - management.
  • Shift - nitro.
  • O - restart.
  • P - look back.

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