Monster Truck: Crazy Racing 2

Monster Truck: Crazy Racing 2

Monster Truck: Crazy Racing 2

Monster Truck: Crazy Racing 2 is adrenaline-filled and extreme off-road racing in the continuation of the exciting game! Hurry up, get behind the wheel of a powerful all-wheel-drive monster, and test your driving skills on truly difficult tracks. There are 18 exciting levels ahead of you, in which you need to get ahead of all your rivals and reach the finish line first. Jump from numerous jumps and land on pre-parked cars, crushing them like tin cans. Master the technique of taking sharp turns at full speed so as not to give your opponents a chance to overtake you. Don't forget to activate nitro acceleration, which will allow you to get ahead a little. Immerse yourself in the world of crazy racing that requires you not only to react quickly but also to skillfully navigate a route through hilly terrain!

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How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys or mouse to move.
  • Shift to nitro.