Crazy Monster Shooter

Crazy Monster Shooter

Crazy Monster Shooter

Crazy Monster Shooter combat environment will appeal to players of all ages for a multitude of reasons. The players must survive hordes of demons sent from hell to murder them and steal their belongings. You can save yourself from hell by upgrading your heroes and unlocking new ones to join the battle. Are you ready to go?

After countless disasters in our world's far future, mutant monsters arose on Earth. The survivors are now fighting back. In the game Crazy Monster Shooter, you will travel back in time to assist your hero in surviving on this planet. On the screen, you will see your character, who will be in a specific place and holding a weapon. Examine the screen closely. At any time, monsters can assault your hero. Keeping a safe distance, you must capture them in the scope and open fire to kill them. Shooting accurately will allow you to destroy the monsters and get points in Crazy Monster Shooter. While exploring the area, you will need to acquire numerous goods, weapons, and ammo that are scattered throughout.

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How To Play

  • Move with WASD.
  • Aim with mouse.
  • Shoot with the left mouse button.
  • Throw a grenade with the right mouse button.