Farmers Vs Aliens

Farmers Vs Aliens

Farmers Vs Aliens

Farmers Vs Aliens is an action game in which the goal is to get rid of every alien invasion on your farm. Shoot them all right away before they remove the cow from the screen, or you'll lose.

Don't squander time as you use a variety of weapons to battle aliens. During the game, switch between guns, and before each level, upgrade and equip new weapons and abilities. Your farm has been attacked by aliens! Obtain a cannon and protect the cow. As you use cannons to shoot aliens, this game involves strategy. While defending it from their assaults, keep in mind that the aliens have their own methods for taking the cow. As you fight to drive the invaders out, expect tough combat. Exciting battles to destroy all invaders. As always, good luck to you, and enjoy!

How To Play

  • PC controls: Click on enemies to shoot them.
  • Mobile controls: Tap on enemies to shoot them.