Die In The Dungeon

Die In The Dungeon

Die In The Dungeon

Die In The Dungeon is a card game where your goal is to use a cunning strategy to escape a dungeon full of adversaries. Your objective is to conquer every opponent you come across while exploring all 20 floors of the dungeon. Every color on the dice denotes an action you can perform during your turn, such as blocking, attacking, healing, or increasing the value of an already-taken action. Remember that you can only roll up to three dice at a time.

It should be noted that although you receive more alternatives to choose from as you advance through the stages, the quantity of dice you can utilize does not grow. Placing your dice strategically is also vital, particularly when utilizing dice that increase the value of your actions. Die In The Dungeon is an intriguing turn-based roguelite action game including a dice deck-building mechanic.

How to play

Left mouse button

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