Skeleton Hunter

Skeleton Hunter

Skeleton Hunter

Skeleton Hunter is a popular game in December. In Skeleton Hunter, you can engage in thrilling combat against the skeleton army. To safeguard your village, aim carefully and shoot as many skeletons as you can.

Skeletons have taken over your village. As the best archer in the community, you are tasked with removing all the skeletons. Destroy them with your bow. Aim carefully and blast down all the skeletons that come charging at you. If you don't want to die young, try to avoid them. Stay as long as you can and eliminate as many skeletons as possible.

Any! You control the fate of the village. Play the game and demonstrate your shooting abilities. Check out whether you're interested in this game.

How To Play

  • You can direct the character with W,A,S,D and mouse. 
  • Use mouse click to shoot!