Doodle God Rocket Scientist

Doodle God Rocket Scientist

Doodle God Rocket Scientist

Doodle God: Rocket Scientist is a live puzzle game with fun puzzles and challenges for players of all ages.

The scientific world is waiting for you! In this game, there will be far too many items to combine and discover. Your goal is to discover and build new elements of humanity! For example, you can combine fire and water to create steam, a new element. At first, you will only have five elements and five groups. By merging two elements, such as humans and tools, you can also unlock additional tools such as metal, paper, and glass. As you progress through the game by adding more elements, you will be able to try out more combinations as the game expands. In addition to the main story, you can explore the quest and puzzle modes to fulfill other obstacles. How many elements do you believe you can find in this game? Start the game if you're up for the challenge! Enjoy!

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How To Play

The mouse and the keyboard are used to start and finish the game.