Doodle Baseball

Doodle Baseball

Doodle Baseball

Doodle Baseball belongs to the sports simulation genre, and it provides users with a basic yet interesting portrayal of their favorite sport. Step into the batter's box and try to hit as many balls as possible while avoiding strikes. The game increases in difficulty as you continue, testing your timing, reflexes, and ability to read the pitcher's tosses.

The mechanics of the game are simple to learn, yet they demand precision and quick thinking. Control the batter with your mouse or touchscreen, and time your swings exactly to make contact with the ball. Each successful hit gets you points and allows you to advance to higher levels of achievement. Aim for grand slams and high scores as you enhance your talents to become a great player in the virtual baseball world. In this fascinating and addictive doodle game, immerse yourself in the thrill of the game, challenge yourself to hit home runs, and experience the joy and excitement of America's favorite sport. Play ball while the simulated audience cheers you on to victory!

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How To Play

  • Use the mouse.