Doodle God Fantasy World Of Magic

Doodle God Fantasy World Of Magic

Doodle God Fantasy World Of Magic

Doodle God Fantasy World Of Magic is another excellent Doodle Jump game. The Doodle God has given you the ability to create once more! In your quest for knowledge, you must utilize logic to combine various parts!

The goal of this game is to mix the elements and create new ones. The game provides you with a variety of objects to use. Begin with water, wind, earth, and ying-yang. If they can be put together, you can create a new object! Simply select a subcategory by clicking on one of the items, then the opposite element and sub-category. There are numerous materials, elements, and methods available to unlock new ones, such as darkness, death, fire, light, and angels. The game tasks you with locating them. There will also be puzzles and objectives to complete. You may do whatever you want; the world is your oyster! You only need to be logical enough to employ the elements correctly.

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How To Play

You can use your mouse to play this game.