Groomy Island

Groomy Island

Groomy Island

Groomy Island is an action-horror first-person game. Avoid the evil Grimace that is prowling the region as you gather ten luminous shakes while marooned on a spooky island at night. Get the drink on Groomy Island to destroy the Grimace Shake. Because of the size of the island and its abundance of strange mysteries and terrifying beasts, every minute is an exciting test of your survival skills. When you explore this terrifying area, there are a ton of thrilling and dangerous places to discover. You may explore a range of eerie environments on the island, including eerie woodlands, ancient ruins, desolate bogs and abandoned cottages.

Enjoy an amazing experience with Groomy Island as you play a realistic and unsettling 3D survival horror game where your primary objective is to live.

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How To Play

Use the mouse.