Fortnite is a survival game inspired by the classic game PUBG. Players are dropped from the sky in Fortnite's fight royale mode, equipped only with a parachute and their brains. Exploration becomes a crucial aspect of the game as players search nearby areas for items that will aid in their survival. The creation of weaponry, the construction of protective structures, and the fortification of their places all play crucial roles in the conflict against the environment's encroaching danger, rather than just other players.

In summary, Fortnite's immersive design, captivating gameplay, and unique blend of warfare, exploration, and survival have completely transformed the fight royale genre. The thrilling and amazing gaming experience of Fortnite has players all over the world enthralled.

How to play

  • Spacebar - jump.
  • Left mouse - shoot.
  • Right mouse - aim and shoot.
  • WASD - move.
  • F - open the door.

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