Advertisement is a cooperative survival game that puts your abilities to the test as you build, mine, craft, and explore an island looking for different materials. You can explore the large open world by yourself or with friends, but it will take a lot of labor to live. You'll get your hands on tools that you can make using the resources. Pay great attention to your vital signs and promptly attend to your demands. After all, if you don't get at least some food and drink, you will perish. You must have enough time to build a fire before dusk in order to avoid freezing to death because the temperature drops significantly during the night. It would be ideal if you also thought about constructing a shelter so that you could take cover from the torrential rain. Then, creating weapons to hunt wild animals and fend off player attacks would be ideal. How many days will you be able to endure living in conditions so harsh that the smallest error could mean the end of your life? Now, let's investigate!

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How To Play

  • Use WASD keys - Movement.
  • Press the Spacebar - Jump.
  • Left-click the mouse - Main action.
  • Press the T key - Use microphone.
  • Press the Tab key - Open inventory.
  • Press Enter - Use text chat.
  • Right-click the mouse - Build menu.