Attack Of The Dead

Attack Of The Dead

Attack Of The Dead

Attack Of The Dead is an incredibly fast-paced survival action game in which you must hold off the onslaught of countless hordes of hungry zombies! The game is a combination of action, shooting, survival simulator, and role-playing game features. The end of the world, the apocalyptic zombie apocalypse. Explore the open world, build and improve your shelter, fortify your base, construct a motorbike, acquire resources, create, finish the zombie apocalypse mission, eliminate mutants, and then survive. Prepare to explore and battle for your life by upgrading your armor and weaponry and beginning to construct the greatest gear you can. Explore this post-apocalyptic open environment by finishing missions and earning special rewards. Play a post-apocalyptic shooting game and strive to survive by adhering to the survival rules. Create whatever you need in order to live and share your tale!

How to play

  • WASD - move.
  • F/Spacebar - Attack.
  • C - Stealth.
  • Q - Autoplay.
  • E - Interaction.

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