Gangster Showdown

Gangster Showdown

Gangster Showdown

Gangster Showdown is a fun fighting game that lets you rule the streets as its ruler. Although you can play alone against the computer, it's preferable to bring a friend over and engage in a thrilling battle with them and an ally. By working together, you can eliminate more adversaries and take over the city. This requires you to demonstrate your strength. That can only be shown with fists on the streets of a mafia city. We are going to have a party here, so get your fists ready! There are three game modes in the game: two-player survival, two-player combat, and solo combat. You can select your favorite game and begin playing. Don't allow the enemy a respite throughout these battles; instead, hit quickly with your feet and fists. Feel the might and rage of the real street-fighting king with all your senses!

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How To Play

Player 1

  • WASD - movement.
  • F- punch.
  • G - kick.
  • T - block.
  • Space - jump.

Player 2

  • Arrow keys - movement.
  • K- punch.
  • O - kick.
  • L - block.
  • P - jump.