Stickmen Crowd Fight

Stickmen Crowd Fight

Stickmen Crowd Fight

Stickmen Crowd Fight is a fun multi-level game in which the main goal is to construct the strongest stickman army and eliminate all of your opponents, including giant bosses.

Stickman is now up against formidable foes. Our hero cannot manage them on his own. He needs an army to fight. You will help him obtain it in the video game Stickmen Crowd Battle. Stickman will begin gently going down the road in front of you before building up speed. Examine the exhibit closely. Along the journey, force fields with numbers will arise. Through them, supporters will find our hero. Their number will be the same as the number carved on the force field. Now that you're driving, the crowd will have to avoid a variety of road hazards and traps. Your mob will confront the monster after it has reached the finish line and, if strong enough, will kill it. By conquering the boss, you will get points and proceed to the next level of the Stickmen Crowd Battle game.

How To Play

  • Use cursor keys to move left and right.
  • Use your finger to swipe left and right.