Dodge Hero

Dodge Hero

Dodge Hero

Dodge Hero is here to bring out your inner action hero! Set off on covert missions throughout museums and command your hero as he rains gunfire on his foes! Change positions to avoid lethal lasers, traps, and obstacles, collect new weaponry, and reach the finish line!

If you enjoy action movie scenes with hidden missions involving laser beams, this is the quest for you! This guy needs to get to the finish line safely, but there are too many adversaries and traps in his way. Fortunately for him, you are present to direct him while he shoots the enemy. You can hold the hero by clicking or tapping. Examine how he moves to the left and right. To see if the character fits through the laser traps, follow his shadow. Take out the nasty guys before they get close enough to assault you. Avoid approaching obstacles such as boxes and shields, train your reflexes, and choose your weapon wisely. Profit from your victories and multiply them by watching brief advertisements. You can use your good fortune to resurrect your hero and continue where you left off. Let's see if you can complete the mission! 

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How To Play

  • Slide to move left and right.