Running Bot

Running Bot

Running Bot

Running Bot is an excellent casual running game. Consider yourself a robot. You must avoid obstacles and collect prizes. While the formation of tree and rock barriers that may prevent you from reaching the conclusion may occur every second, the robot's health is deteriorating with each passing day. You must collect the presents that await you in the environment while aiming to improve the robot's health. Don't forget to upgrade your shields with the gold you earn throughout the game, as well as magnets to collect gifts and gold around you and enormous wings to accelerate up. The game has a leaderboard. To be first in this table, you must run more and earn more points. While navigating the trees and stones that block your way, you must pay attention to your hearts, which are located beneath the game.

It is quite difficult to reclaim the life you have lost once you become stuck in an obstacle. The gift packages you collect after losing those lives are not reset, but your score is, and you must restart the game. The game is simple to play on the computer. To move, use the right and left buttons on the direction keys, and to jump, use the up arrow key. By using the spacebar, you can restart the game. Prepare for a brief adventure with Running Bot.

How To Play

  • Mobile: Swipe left or right to move. Swipe up to jump.
  • Desktop: Press left or right arrow keys to move. Press up the arrow key to jump. Press the spacebar to replay the game.