Three: Elves Vs Zombies

Three: Elves Vs Zombies

Three: Elves Vs Zombies

Three: Elves Vs Zombies is a three-person game. The realm of magical elves has been overrun by magic zombies. Zombies broke out in the city, wreaking havoc and destroying a great deal of property. After that, zombies took over the kingdom. However, the elves will have none of it, and the three bravest warriors will have to enter the zombie lair itself to seize their kingdom—which is rightly theirs! Assist three heroes, though you can also take over the roles of one or two heroes. Climb platforms, get past all barriers, and blast up zombies—you can only succeed as a team! You must gather every one of the priceless crystals in order to advance to the next level. If one of the elves dies, the others can continue the mission. Good luck!

How to play

Controls 1 player:

  • WASD - management.
  • S - plant a bomb.

Controls 2 player:

  • Arrow keys - management/plant a bomb.

Controls 3 player:

  • J/L/I - management.
  • K - plant a bomb.

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