Guns and Magic

Guns and Magic

Guns and Magic

Guns and Magic is a defense game in which you must defend your home against monsters! The animals fled after the link to another universe was opened. Keep strangers away from your ranch. Construct turrets, obstacles, and traps; call for help; and adjust your tactics as needed. Visit Gun and Magic for a true steampunk experience.

Begin by deciding on a class. If you prefer being the vanguard and annihilating your opponents with fatal attacks, choose the swordsman. Isn't this your cup of tea? You must assassinate your opponent with stunning, perfect long-range rounds as the sniper.

Amass the necessary skill set to construct an unbreakable team. Companions have unique skills and talents. Add them to your squad to help you defeat your opponent quickly. Navigate dungeons, and battle adversaries, and put your skills to the test in the Temple of Trials to collect presents and supplies for your squad!

How To Play

  • WASD = move. 
  • Mouse - look around E = build/upgrade/interact, left mouse button = shoot, left-shift = run.