Wear The Helmet

Wear The Helmet

Wear The Helmet

Wear The Helmet is one of the best new obstacle-avoiding games online on our website, this time you'll drive a scooter, which we're sure will be an awesome new experience for you all since scooter driving games don't come around very often, and we're sure that your skills will be well used here, and you'll have a blast!

Controlling avoids the road barriers, no matter what kind they are, since if you hit them, you lose, but your purpose is to not let that happen, but to move on the road as much as possible and always gain a larger distance than before.

You can ride with or without a helmet, but it is only a matter of style because you will crash either way if you hit a barricade. Good luck, have fun, and don't stop here for a second because we promise more wonderful games, as always, because the day is far from done!

How To Play

Use the mouse.