Dome Romantik

Dome Romantik

Dome Romantik

Dome Romantik is a high-end action game made by Bippinbits. Players build up a dome base and travel to the center of the world while gathering resources and battling a variety of hazardous lifeforms in this 2D roguelike exploiter with pixel visuals.

The gameplay of Dome Romantik is a distinct blend of exploration, resource mining, and base defense, akin to that of Terraria. The way it approaches base building is what makes it so intriguing. 

Dome Romantik provides a pleasant experience right away. Its gameplay is intricate, varied, and full of puzzles to solve. It's also a unique and cool concept that makes use of the full dome as the base. It's entertaining, difficult, and well worth playing.

How to play

Arrow Keys and hit or hold space.

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