The Tale of the Red-Haired Knight

The Tale of the Red-Haired Knight

The Tale of the Red-Haired Knight

The Tale of the Red-Haired Knight is a 2D adventure game where you assume the role of a valiant warrior and go on thrilling adventures through enigmatic regions teeming with deadly monsters!

Take advantage of the free auxiliary boost if you are hurt during violent combat so that you can heal and carry on with your triumphant march. You must remain vigilant, though, as you may frequently come across lethal traps along the route in addition to a variety of opponents. In addition to collecting gold coins from defeated opponents, you can also do so by smashing various other items, such as wooden crates. Look closely at the map to see if there are any hidden locations where you can locate a treasure chest or something helpful. You may effortlessly ascend practically any platform because of the elastic branches. Adventurer, good luck!

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How To Play

  • Arrow keys/WASD - movement.
  • Spacebar - jump.
  • J - attack.