X Parkour

X Parkour

X Parkour

X Parkour is a one-of-a-kind action game in which you must leap across gaps and escape traps. Its innovative, obstacle-filled levels and complicated mechanics will test your perceptions. Avoid deadly circular saws, spikes, and other devices designed to murder you ruthlessly. Only the most skilled players will be able to master the controls and stay alive. Will you be among them?

The most appealing aspect of this title is the incredible variety of its unconventional level design. Running and jumping are challenging because of the traps, but dying never feels cheap or unfair. You can always see what's in front of you and avoid being taken off guard. You only have yourself to blame if you overestimate your speed or trajectory. There are plenty of trampolines, plummeting platforms, and surprising layouts to keep things exciting. Have fun overcoming the challenges and reaching the finish line.

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How To Play

Use keyboard or gamepad to forward, back, jump, squat.