Super Count Masters

Super Count Masters

Super Count Masters

Super Count Masters is one of the most epic racing and action games ever created! You may utilize numbers to outnumber your opponents on the battlefield with Super Count Master! Use a war track and math to manage your one-man army as your numbers change with each move!

This is the age of math and strategy on the battlefield, and you can make the most of it on this track! Guide your troops to grow stronger, escape conflicts with as little loss as possible, and cross the finish line! You can skip the improvements on the main menu and begin your quest right away, or you can watch a short advertisement to earn some gold and increase your stats. Begin the first level while maintaining control of your group. Avoid saws and other obstacles by moving left and right while selecting the perfect portal to pass through. Calculate quickly to evaluate the impact of using a portal and select the one with the greatest value. Keep a lookout for unusual attacks and work hard to keep your band together. Prepare for boss battles and use your crowd to strike your massive opponent. In the bonus levels, shoot blocks to obtain bonus items!

Are you prepared to put your abilities, reflexes, and math knowledge to the test as you race through 20 3D levels without looking back?

How To Play

  • PC controls: Use the mouse to move your players.
  • Tablet and mobile controls: Touch the screen to slide the characters.