Bus Stunt Simulator 2024

Bus Stunt Simulator 2024

Bus Stunt Simulator 2024

Bus Stunt Simulator 2024 is where you will have the opportunity to test your driving skills on various extreme tracks located high above the clouds! There are a ton of thrilling stages ahead of you where you must complete mind-blowing stunts while navigating an obstacle course to reach the finish line. In particular, on fast corners where it is easy to lose control and fly off the road, you should exercise the utmost caution and control over your speed. There won't be a time constraint, so drive slowly and cautiously through any hazardous areas of the path. Aim to stay away from incidents that might knock you off track. Show off your reverse driving prowess, leap off ramps, and sprint down steep inclines. You will be delighted by the game's excellent graphics, realistic physics, and plethora of difficult tasks that will test even the most seasoned drivers!

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How To Play

  • WASD/Arrow keys - management.
  • Space - hand brake.
  • C - change camera view.
  • T - time dilation.
  • I - start/stop the engine.