Electric Train Simulator

Electric Train Simulator

Electric Train Simulator

Electric Train Simulator is a brand-new interactive simulator game for operating electric trains. There are two game modes available to you: task completion and free riding. There are 13 stages in the first mode, and you have to complete a different assignment in each. A training mission will be the first one. You will hone your tough situational abilities on a quicker train in the second quest. You have to beat the red train and get to the station first in order to advance to the next level. Don't overlook safety, though! Your train can crash if you go faster than the allowed speed. You will progressively be able to access new trains with improved features as you finish assignments. Savor thrilling gameplay and lifelike graphics!

How to play

  • Up and Down arrow keys - acceleration/harassment.
  • Z - move the arrows.
  • X - reverse stroke.
  • C - open/close doors.
  • A - connect/disconnect.
  • S/D - change camera position.
  • P - break.
  • R - restart.

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