Winter Russian Fishing

Winter Russian Fishing

Winter Russian Fishing

Winter Russian Fishing is a fishing simulator that is quite realistic. You may always head to a snow-covered lake and take in the gorgeous winter scenery, regardless of the conditions outside your window.

After putting the bait on the hook, use the reel to drop it to the appropriate depth. Lift the rod sharply to execute the hook as soon as you notice the nod starting to twitch. Maintain the scale in the green zone and pay special attention to the line tension indication. To increase your catch, use the money you earn to purchase new reels, ice axes, fishing rods, and baits. Develop your abilities and gain experience to gain access to further incredible spots where your chances of catching some incredibly large fish are higher. Make a hole somewhere else and keep fishing if you don't get bitten. Wishing you luck!

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How To Play

Use the mouse.