Gobattle is a fun multiplayer .io game in which you take control of a knight and fight other players to become the ruler.

In order to rule, one must battle! This large multiplayer game, which is based on a 2D arcade game, requires you to battle other knights for gold coins in order to become the king. Gobattle offers an enormous variety of activities from the outset. You can play team versus team, race through a dungeon collecting money, or play battle royale to see if you can survive till the conclusion of the round. Your weapon will improve as you collect 20 and 40 coins. Keep an eye out for various weaponry strewn throughout the terrain, and refuel by gathering potions. Protect yourself from impending attacks by using your shield. Come on, let's battle!

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How To Play

  • AD keys or left/right arrow keys - Move.
  • W key or up arrow key - Jump.
  • S key or down arrow key - Cover.
  • Press V - Melee attack.
  • Space bar - Throw weapons.