Snowball Racing

Snowball Racing

Snowball Racing

Snowball Racing is a fantastic race game in which your objective is to become a true snowball master!

Roll around in the fluffy snow to win this entertaining Snowball Racing challenge! This game represents the childhood fantasy of each of us. Let's see how things go; you only need to stroll about making a gigantic snowball!

In this game, you are placed in a group of three strange stickmen. The other two are your competitors, and you must make snowballs faster than them. Fortunately, you have a large arena divided into various snow-covered platforms. Simply move the cursor around the platform to skate through it and accumulate snow in your hands. You'll need these snowballs because you'll be using the snow to pave a path in front of you so you may move from one platform to the next and eventually reach the level's finish line. To win the game, you must be faster than your opponents. The stickman with the larger snowball can always hit the others, knocking them down and stealing their snowball. So, beware of your competitors, and perhaps adopt this strategy to become the king of the snowy roads!

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How To Play

  • Swerve to control the movements and grow the snowball.