Egg Wars

Egg Wars

Egg Wars

Egg Wars is a game designed and built in the style of Minecraft. The Egg Wars game, as the name implies, creates a dynamic open world by building and caring for eggs. The game combines genres in an unusual way.

Egg Wars lives up to its name as a "war of eggs," immersing players in lively survival conflicts and base-building tactics in order to pursue nonstop combat. Players can pool their resources to create eggs that can fight when they hatch.

A living, open universe The Minecraft-style Egg Wars game should deliver a colorful and realistic open-world experience to players. You will see an enormously large and open setting where you can travel or perform various tasks on many maps from all over the world. Are you ready to take on Egg Wars?

How To Play

  • WASD - Moves.
  • R - Reload.
  • Left mouse.
  • Click - Shooting.