Sniper's Revenge: Lin's Story

Sniper's Revenge: Lin's Story

Sniper's Revenge: Lin's Story

Sniper's Revenge: Lin's Story is a gritty, furious first-person shooter that takes place in the Vietnam War. You will take on the character of Linh, a young girl who enlisted in the Vietnamese army to get revenge on her parents for their passing.

You will have an assault rifle and a potent sniper rifle in your arsenal, which you will require in the event of an open battle. To prevent shootouts with multiple opponents at once, try to behave as covertly as you can. Remember to pay attention to your steps and steer clear of dangerous height falls, which will inevitably result in death. If you are injured, get under shelter as soon as you can to regain your health. Due to the fact that the protagonist of the game battles for both her country and her own vengeance, it provides a unique viewpoint on war.

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How To Play

  • Use WASD - move.
  • Spacebar - Jump.
  • Shift - run.
  • Use the mouse - shoot.