Guardians of the Dark Dungeon

Guardians of the Dark Dungeon

Guardians of the Dark Dungeon

Guardians of the Dark Dungeon is a thrilling role-playing game where you take on the heroic role of a warrior out to destroy the ancient evil that lurks in the dark dungeons.

Kill off legions of undead and other evil monsters that will attempt to stop you. You will get experience points by eliminating opponents; these points are needed to raise your character's level. Seek out gold-filled hidden chests that you may subsequently trade for more precious materials. Get enough gems to enhance your traits and open up new abilities. Avoid hellfire and numerous other harmful traps that have the potential to do significant harm to you. Gain access to new attack varieties, take down every boss, and develop into an incredibly strong fighter! Will you be able to overcome every obstacle in your path and discover the dungeon's greatest secret?

How to play

  • WASD - move.
  • Left mouse - attack/interact.

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