Monkey Farm

Monkey Farm

Monkey Farm

Monkey Farm is a fast-paced, action-packed simulation farming game that lets users run their own online shop. In this game, players pretend to be naughty monkeys who have opened a market in the jungle. Their goal is to manage an inventory, draw in clients, fill shelves, and make sales in order to run a profitable business. Monkey Farm's primary goal is to draw in as many clients as it can and make money by selling goods. To prevent overstocking or stockouts, players must carefully manage their inventory by replenishing shelves with in-demand items and monitoring demand. They also need to deliberately establish prices to maximize revenue, keep customers satisfied and keep them coming back for more.

Because of its simple gameplay concepts and accessible controls, Monkey Farm is appropriate for gamers of all ages and skill levels. With its lively visuals, enticing soundtrack, and enjoyable animations, it provides hours of captivating gameplay.

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How To Play

Use the arrow keys or AWSD - move.