Rocket Soccer Derby

Rocket Soccer Derby

Rocket Soccer Derby

Rocket Soccer Derby is a simulation game for sports cars in which you maneuver around a football field to score goals against your rival. A spherical, heated ball is used by the players in this sport to play between the two teams. All you have to do is score into the goal of your opponent. Whichever team scores the most goals wins.

In addition, millions of people are interested in the sport of racing. It's your job to steer the car around the track. Your score will increase with your running speed. Either regular roads or match-specific roads are available for racing.

In the sports world, football and racing are both becoming more and more dominant. In addition, they are regularly used in sporting events. Because so many people follow these two sports, game developers may choose to focus on them. Recognizing this demographic, the Rocket Soccer Derby game will satisfy football and racing fans.

How To Play

Use the arrow keys or WASD.

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