Terror Camp Takedown

Terror Camp Takedown

Terror Camp Takedown

Terror Camp Takedown is a new high-stakes shooting game in 3D featuring the military that we are now very excited to share with everyone on our website, where we know that the boys visiting us always want to play the best of these games that are out there, and that is how we deemed this one, and we're sure you will agree with us after you learn more about it right now!

You are infiltrating terrorist camps, which you must bring down by shooting them, with each new camp for each level having a larger wave of enemies to take down, and if they kill you instead, you will lose and have to restart. Let's get the Terror Camp Takedown started online!

How To Play

  • Use WASD to move.
  • Shift to run.
  • Mouse to aim and shoot.
  • Press R for reloading.
  • Space for jumping. 
  • Use L to lock/unlock the cursor.